Hikers Haven

Soy Wax Tea Light

Scent Narrative:

Hikers Haven embraces the essence of the great outdoors in a single scent. Picture a tranquil walk through a lush forest, and that’s precisely what this fragrance evokes. The aroma transports you to nature’s haven—a blend of crisp mountain air, the earthiness of pine trees, a touch of cedar wood, and a hint of invigorating eucalyptus. It’s like taking a refreshing pause during an exhilarating hike, allowing you to breathe in the pure, revitalizing essence of the wilderness. Let this candle bring the rejuvenating and calming spirit of a hiker’s sanctuary into your space, inspiring adventure and tranquility all at once.

Scent Notes:

Top Note: Pine, Black Pepper, Clove
Middle Note: Cypress, Patchouli, Green Mandarin
Base Note: Cedar, White Musk, Evergreen

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