Perfectly Imperfect Bundles

Random Perfectly Imperfect Items

Scent Narrative:

Please be rest assured that our products that make their way into our Imperfect Bundles at the end of a season by no means makes them a poorly made product. They simply are discontinued products because of the following : end-of-season or out of season fragrances, overstock, discontinued fragrances, discontinued vessel style, slight discolouration in soy wax (which can happen over time), older branding labels, or older wooden wicks in various sizes.

Our bundles are non-refundable and we are not able to offer any exchanges. Each Imperfect Bundle Box will include a variety of candles, or wax melts, or regular/jumbo tea light packages up to a maximum of 6 items in the bundle. With each Imperfect Bundle we continue to donate 10% of your order to The Dorothy Ley Hospice that allows us to give back to our community.

Scent Notes:

Our Imperfect Bundles offer a number of scent options based on the collection of items you receive in your bundle. In most cases you will receive a number of different fragrances in your package. We do our best to not provide the same scent for all the items you are shipped in hopes you have an opportunity to try different fragrances in order to find your favourite.